In Focus Brands: How is Your Business Acceleration Going? 7 Reasons to Consider.

Business owners worry about time and money. In Focus Brands has gained control over these business variables with their deployed teams, shared risk funding, acceleration services and private label collaboration models.

Hartford, CT, January 10, 2023 --( In Focus Brands' private label services have created and launched 155 international startups, commercialized 400 products/services and advised thousands of private label, acceleration/commercialization campaigns. Their systems work perfectly under the company's philosophy of real teams and real partners share risk. This shared risk can be seen in the customized fundraising, working capital and royalty funding models coupled with robust private label resources for business launch, growth and scale.

Tara Lin of EDA Funding and Autonomy Distributors (client partner of In Focus Brands) adds: "In Focus Brands never puts themselves before the client's business needs and revenue. Period. Awesome team and working culture. Proud to call them partners and friends."

7 reasons that the In Focus Brands' Acceleration Program works for business, academic, non profit institutions and economic development organizations are:

1. Based on Business Reality & Business Experiences (not Theory).

2. Unique Custom Roadmaps with your current Resources (not unrealistic nor
unattainable resource needs).

3. Accountability Standards for all Stakeholders (including the In Focus Brands' team).

4. No BS Work for Activity Sake Alone (all efforts have a reason and plan for scale and revenue growth).

5. Deployed Team Approach means the team is in the market with you, not sending you plans.

6. Understand the difference between entrepreneur and entrepreneurial clients.
(When In Focus Brands designs their launch, grow and/or scale plans, a very clear
distinction is made with regards to the client so that the branded systems are aligned properly to the business being worked with and buy in is secured from the
organization's stakeholders).

7. Free does not Work: no risk, no buy in, no passion, no immediacy and no results.

Robert Manasier, Founder and CEO of In Focus Brands, explains: "This system was built from experience and is modified as we build, launch and scale businesses around the globe. Our in market teams guarantee market relevance and fit which will always drive clients and revenue. The collaborative team culture mitigates mistakes and risks and amplifies success (meaning faster growth). Continuous customer learning loops are our norm for every client."

Next up for the portfolio company is a new Small Business Acceleration Resource Network.
In Focus Brands
Jill Daye