Introducing "The Twisted Logic Podcast": A New and Innovative Way to Engage in Political and Cultural Discussions

Bloomfield, NJ, January 31, 2023 --( Hosts Shawn St. Peter and Josh Ayer are excited to announce the launch of "The Twisted Logic Podcast," a new project that is leveraging the power of social audio in an innovative new way. Starting with the release of their first podcast on this past, Monday, January 30, the show will be a week-long conversation about a political or cultural issue that is relevant currently.

Each week will begin with a traditional podcast, where the hosts will introduce that week’s topic, providing facts and perspective on it. The podcast will be available every Monday morning. Throughout the week, the hosts will create rooms on different social audio apps and discuss the topic with listeners, getting their input. On Thursday nights, the hosts will conduct a long form live show on Spotify Live, debating the topic with each other and the listeners. The social audio segments will be reviewed, and the best will be included in a podcast released on Saturdays, featuring a highlight reel of the week's discussions, as well as closing commentary from Shawn and Josh.

The hosts are treading into particularly contentious territory right out of the gate, as the first week’s topic is “Wokeness: The Meaning and Impact of a Controversial Term.”

The Social Audio Schedule will be: Tuesday 12 PM Eastern on the Stereo App; Wednesday 5PM Clubhouse Hangout; Thursday 9PM Spotify Live Room (This is almost guaranteed to have both Josh and Shawn in attendance discussing, sometimes heatedly, the topic amongst themselves and with their listeners); and Friday 3PM Eastern on the Wisdom App.

This new podcast format will provide a more personalized and engaging experience for listeners, as they will be able to participate in live audio chats, share their own perspectives, and learn from others. They believe this unique combination of traditional podcasting and social audio will foster dynamic conversations and discussions about relevant political and cultural issues.

"We are thrilled to be bringing this new project to our listeners and look forward to the conversations and discussions that will take place on 'The Twisted Logic Podcast,'" said Shawn St. Peter, co-host of the show.

Shawn St. Peter is a former democratic campaign worker in NJ who became disillusioned with campaigns and went into industrial sales after he dropped out of Rutgers. He hates the term moderate and considers himself left leaning with a collection of extreme opinions that straddle the political spectrum. He to focuses on logical understanding of the highly illogical field of politics.

Josh Ayer is a cultural anthropologist and former law enforcement officer who more often than not represents the conservative point of view. He currently attends the University of Wyoming finishing an advanced American Studies Degree and preparing for Law School. His unique journey has created an interesting perspective based on logic and philosophical consistency.

Together, they have been friends for over 30 years, having met at church in High School. They have been debating politics the entire time.

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