Teaching Kids Science and Math

Educational Children’s Book Publisher Offers New Approach.

Mt. Pleasant, SC, May 31, 2008 --(PR.com)-- As American teens trail behind their international peers in science and math skills, Sylvan Dell Publishing is on a mission to bend that trend and teach kids science and math while they’re young.

As reported in “The Washington Post” in December (“U.S. Teens Trail Peers Around World on Math-Science Test,” Dec. 5, 2007), the scores from the 2006 Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) showed that the average science score of U.S. students ranked 17th out of 30 participating countries. The math scores were even worse, ranking 24th.

“We need to get kids excited about math and science while they’re young,” said Lee German, co-owner and publisher of Sylvan Dell Publishing. “Once they’re having fun with a new subject, the learning will come naturally.”

Founded in 2004, Sylvan Dell Publishing creates artistically spectacular science, math and nature themed children’s books. Boasting the motto “Science and Math Through Literature,” Sylvan Dell adds six new titles to their bookshelf this summer:

• In “Blackberry Banquet,” forest animals squeak, tweet, slurp, yip and chomp over the sweet, plump fruit of a wild blackberry bush. But when a bear arrives to take part in the feast, chaos strikes.
• In “Sort it Out!” Packy the Packrat’s mother has had enough. It’s time that he sorts through his stuff and puts it away – with the help of young readers. The story teaches analogous thinking, a critical thinking skill in science, math and life.
• “My Half Day” is the third in a series designed to teach kids math skills through wacky rhymes and imaginative illustrations. The first two in the series, “One Odd Day” and “My Half Day,” won a Learning Magazine 2008 Teachers’ Choice Award for Children’s Books.
• “Whistling Wings” follows Marcel, a young tundra swan, as he tries to stay behind during winter migration while his parents and flock continue south. But what happens when he realizes he’s not cut out for the winter?
• In “Saturn for My Birthday,” Jeffrey wants Saturn for his birthday, and he wants the moons too – all 47 of them. After all, they’ll make great night-lights. Facts about Saturn are woven seamlessly throughout this funny story as Jeffrey explains just what he’ll do with his present and how he’ll take care of it. • “River Beds: Sleeping in the World’s Rivers” is the sequel to the award-winning “Water Beds: Sleeping in the Ocean.” “River Beds” takes readers on an around-the-world boat ride to learn how mammals sleep in or around 10 of the world’s major rivers.

The books are for children ages four to nine approximately. In addition to their educational children’s books, Sylvan Dell provides free resources on their Web site, www.SylvanDellPublishing.com, to help parents and teachers enhance the underlying science and math lessons the stories introduce.

Those resources include “For Creative Minds” educational sections featuring fun facts, crafts and other educational activities (which are also in the back of every book); 30-80 page cross-curricular teaching activities; audio readings; child-friendly learning links; and much more. The books and activities are aligned to National Science and Math Standards as well as various state curriculum standards.

“If kids are having fun with science and math, perhaps they’ll pursue more science- and math- related careers in the future,” said German. “Our growing company stands behind the idea that educational children’s books are the perfect introductions to science and math concepts.”

To learn more about Sylvan Dell Publishing and the company’s 35 educational children’s books, visit www.SylvanDellPublishing.com.

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Sara Dobie