Criminal Defense Attorney Daniel Vaswani Highlights the Seriousness of a Felony DUI

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Hayward, CA, February 07, 2023 --( Reasons one may get charged with a felony DUI include having a prior felony DUI conviction, three prior misdemeanor DUI convictions within ten years of the new DUI charge, or if the DUI causes injury. A felony DUI can result in an actual prison sentence. The minimum sentence on a felony DUI is 180 days of county jail, but prison sentences can be sixteen months, two years, three years, and in some situations more.

Along with prison or jail time, one must adhere to DUI conditions and terms. Formal probation may be required, where the convicted must have a probation officer that they report to and the officer will routinely do alcohol and drug screenings. The DUI school component can be 18 months or 30 months, on top of a lengthy license suspension.

If you have a DUI causing injury on a fourth DUI, says Mr. Vaswani, the DMV will take your license for a period of four years and you may be required to keep an ignition interlock device in your vehicle for three years.

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