Stiff Competition Fueling Growth in Poland Mortgage

Poland mortgage financing market is anticipated to grow 30.17% by 2011 with increasing penetration of services, growth in real estate and rising competition.

Delhi, India, June 01, 2008 --( Poland mortgage finance market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 30.17% to cross Euro 70 Billion mark by 2011, says RNCOS in its new research report, “Poland Banking Sector Analysis.”

The report says that mortgage lending, taking off from a very low base, is now thriving in Poland. However, the penetration level of mortgage lending in Poland is very low, merely 6% of the GDP, signifying that the market is at its nascent stage. As the mortgage-based lending is significantly low in the country, Polish banks could tap the enormous opportunities to expand their loan facilities and raise revenue. Moreover, high growth rate in the Polish real estate market is also supporting the mortgage financing, as people will shift their preference to buying new homes instead of living on rent.

The RNCOS report further says that the boost to the mortgage financing will allow Polish banks to hike the lending interest rates that will eventually increase the interest-based income in future.

According to a Senior Research Analyst at RNCOS, the mortgage lending market in Poland is intensely competitive, with smaller banks particularly offering competitive products with profit on mortgage loans as low as less than 1%. Moreover, to increase the stronghold on the market, banks provide extensive help to customers and cover all expenses such as real estate valuation.

Further, the report also provides forecast on various segments of the Poland banking industry such as Assets, Commercial Banks Loans, Personal Loans, Corporate Loans, Consumer Loans, Banking Deposits, and Credit & Debit Card market.

“Poland Banking Sector Analysis” provides an elaborate and rational analysis on the Polish banking industry. It helps clients in identifying the growth opportunities, industry drivers, and challenges for the banking industry in Poland. Moreover, it also studies asset size, income level, and loan facilities provided by the Poland banking industry to give an insight into the industry and identify its future direction.

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