CounselMD Launch - Direct Physician to Patient Medical Counseling Service

A first of its kind, physician to patient medical counseling service with a goal to provide clients with invaluable insights into their diagnoses/treatments.

West Palm Beach, FL, February 23, 2023 --( The ruthless and endless pursuit of profits in healthcare has left patients with more questions than answers. As a physician-owned and operated company, CounselMD aims to bring a radical idea to fruition - connecting the physician directly to patients. No middlemen, no insurance hurdles, no corporate benchmarks.

CounselMD aims to primarily empower individuals with knowledge into their diagnoses/treatments, simplify complex medical literature, and provide personalized clinical insights. There is no other company / service similar to CounselMD at this time.

If a client is tired of ER visits, hospital admissions, rapid 15-min doctor appointments, or just curious regarding their symptoms / diagnoses / treatments, and the latest medical literature - CounselMD hopes to provide its services to help their journey.

CounselMD is completely online and currently offers plans that vary based on diagnoses.

Parth Patel, MD
Board Certified Internal Medicine
Parth Patel