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In less than six months, (part of the midLife Media Network) has already become one of the most popular online meeting places for young baby boomers between the ages of 40-53.

Boston, MA, June 01, 2008 --( “Do you like your spouse?” It's questions like this that have taken a newly created blog by the name of and transformed into one of the premier online meeting places for young baby boomers (Yoomers).

The site is the brainchild of writer Dina Lynch Eisenberg and was launched just over three months ago. During its short life as the first property in the midLife Media Network, has already garnered a highly sought after spot on Guy Kawasaki's top aggregator site TMT also maintains one of the fastest growing RSS feeds online, with more than 1,000 subscribers to date. focuses on bringing Yoomers together in a way that no other site has before. While most traditional boomer sites cater to people over 50 years old, anyone over 40 starts getting jokes about being middle aged and how life is essentially over. The goal of mMN is to make the transition to the 'third age' fun- you can reinvent your marriage, your life, your identiy- without taking a sad trip 'over the hill'.

"In the first two years of our marriage my husband was recovering from back surgery that initially left him without feeling in his legs and I was diagnosed with MS,” said creator Dina Lynch Eisenberg. “We're fine now, but then we were reeling from all kinds of questions: how will we care for each other, what about work, where will we live? I knew if I was struggling with assumptions and fear after spending 17 years as a mediator working with conflict that others were too; or they chose to simply avoid the tough conversations. I thought TMT would be a fun way to start couples talking again."

And getting people to open up and talk about marriage is exactly what Eisenberg has accomplished. The question: “Do you like your spouse?” had more than 60 responses from the community, which ranged from funny, to sad and inspiring.

“Our readers are some of the best people in the world and they all understand where each other is coming from,” said Eisenberg. “They're able to talk openly about what marriage is really like, especially on the second and third time around. The community encourages long-married folks to share their wisdom and practical advice.”

In fact, Eisenberg's site not only attracts single women yoomers who want to discover what marriage after 40 is really like, it attracts like minded bloggers.

"There are so few resources focusing in on the challenges of the later Boomers (like me, at 48) and what marriage and dating is like for our generation," said Janet Wendy Spiegel of Gen Plus -- Reinventing 50 Plus. "TMT popped up on my radar screen almost from the moment it launched and Dina hits the nail on the head. While my blog focuses on Boomers and 50 plussers with career and job search issues, there are so many bizarre parallels between career issues and marriage/relationship issues (like the fact we may be older, but we certainly aren't dead, yet!), I always find value in a visit to TMT."

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