projectWORD Sets Out to Re-Define the Dictionary Online

Two students recently launched their project to re-define the dictionary using your website addresses as definitions.

Leicestershire, United Kingdom, June 02, 2008 --( projectWORD launched an advertising campaign last week to re-define every word in the dictionary.

Each word that is defined will become a link to a website, ultimately creating a directory of business/personal websites.

This system offers customers a chance to find what they are looking for through a search feature. Related words are displayed on search results and customers can click on the word that best describes what they are looking for. The customer is re-directed to the website that was defined for that particular word.

The system also offers a random selection of words on the homepage, giving the customer some possible words that may be of an interest to them.

Jamie Delo from projectWORD says "We have built an effective system that is very user friendly, built around a concept that offers great advertising opportunities."

This system is suitable for personal websites and business websites, generally companies will be interested in buying multiple words to have an extra presence on the website.

Each word costs $1, offering advertising from $1 upwards, depending on how many words are requested.

There is no user registration in the whole process and is very easy to re-define a word. Two things are needed to be a part of this project:

1. A website address
2. A dollar

Jamie Delo from projectWORD says "We are very excited about this project, it is an excellent concept working on an excellent system, enabling cheap advertising for customers and ultimately, achieving our goal of re-defining the dictionary."

The project is expected to provide advertising solutions for thousands of companies/personal websites.

See more information on the project at

projectWORD - Main Site - Progress Updates

Jamie Delo