Digitizing the Student Onboarding Process with Teno’s New Admission Management System

Teno, India's leading school app launches its latest addition- Admission Management Feature. This cutting-edge feature is designed to revolutionize and automate the enrollment process, making it easier for schools to manage their daily admission operations.

Mumbai, India, March 04, 2023 --(PR.com)-- Remember how hectic and tedious a process it was when you wanted to get your child into a particular school? Now, think about it from the institution’s point of view – 100's of students trying to get enrolled into a class or batch size that is much smaller. Managing different documents multiplied by the number of students is cumbersome for the school administration, to say the least. There is a dire need for a school management solution to streamline the entire process.

The research and development team at Teno – India's leading school management app – has been working on an admission management system and have finally launched the same. This tool streamlines and automates the entire admission process – from the admins sending online form links to them viewing the names of students that have filled these forms and shortlisting students from the list to notify their parents about fee payments.

Taking advantage of its already cutting-edge technology, the tool eases even more pressure off the school administration team at a time when they need it the most. The key benefit is that this school management solution has digitized the entire admission process, thereby making it hassle-free for everyone concerned – parents included. One dashboard manages multiple things – from form submission to shortlisting of candidates and applicant screening.

Unlike the traditional admission system, Teno’s school management solution offers several benefits to the school administration team. Not only does it allow them to track daily admission activities but also helps them enhance their overall productivity. In addition, every student’s data is stored on a secure server – irrespective of the number of candidates, and can be accessed via the tool from any location around the world.

But it is not just that – Teno helps automate tasks and eliminate errors, thereby boosting efficiency. This works for parents too, as they can attach personal documents and make fee payments seamlessly. The smoother the automation, the less manual errors occur and greater the efficiency in a school’s admission process. It is a cost-effective solution that enables a 2-way communication, manages data, and saves everyone’s time.

Jeenal Ganatra, Sr. Manager – Marketing & Product, Teno, says, “Numerous schools that we have partnered with were very happy with everything about our school management app. They, however, expressed the need to make the admission process easier. Luckily, our team’s foresight led us to start work on this much before schools even started approaching us, and now, we are India’s only app to offer this feature. It has been launched with the goal of digitizing and streamlining the entire process for ease of use to both the school administration team and parents.”
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