Canadian Health Charity Invites Public to Learn About Risk Factors for Lymphedema

The Canadian Lymphedema Framework (CLF) marks World Lymphedema Day (WLD) on March 6 by offering free educational and support resources, including complimentary, worldwide digital access to its Spring issue of Pathways, a magazine dedicated to lymphedema-related topics.

Toronto, Canada, March 06, 2023 --( The CLF is a Canadian registered charity whose mission is to improve the management of lymphedema and related disorders in Canada. It is estimated that more than one million Canadians suffer from lymphedema, a progressive, chronic inflammatory condition that can affect any area of the body, most commonly the limbs. Most of these Canadians remain undiagnosed and untreated.

World Lymphedema Day is celebrated annually on March 6 and dedicated to educating the public and raising awareness of this common but under-recognized health condition. The CLF invites the public to learn about the risk factors for developing lymphedema and explore information about the disease, how it is managed, and the importance of early detection to prevent complications like serious, recurrent infections or wounds.

About Lymphedema: Lymphedema is a condition of permanent swelling that is caused by irregularities in the lymphatic system that often are the result of other medical conditions such as obesity, cancer, venous disease, trauma, or infections. Some are born with “primary” lymphedema, a congenital malformation of the lymphatics that can present symptoms at birth or later in life.

“Lymphedema can be debilitating and sometimes disfiguring. This places a burden on patients who have a visible difference in their appearance that most of the general population doesn’t understand. There is currently no cure for lymphedema; but it can be well-managed, particularly when patients understand they are at risk and act early before the disease progresses,” says Bonnie Baker, CLF Executive Director.

About World Lymphedema Day: WLD (World Lymphedema Day) is an annual, advocate-driven celebration, which was established in 2016 by the United States Senate in response to a bill written by the Lymphatic Education & Research Network (LE&RN). The year 2023 marks the 8th year of World Lymphedema Day and the 25th anniversary of LE&RN.*

About The Canadian Lymphedema Framework: The CLF is an academic and patient stakeholder collaboration, which is part of an international initiative to promote research, best practices and lymphedema clinical development worldwide. Find the CLF online at Find resources and read Pathways online at


*Lymphedema Education and Research Network (LE&RN). LE&RN can be contacted at
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