CEO of Red Orbit Participated on Roundtable About Innovative Marketing

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia on Saturday, May 31, 2008 organized interactive roundtable with title “Innovative approaches of production of new businesses.” The roundtable took place at Dimiceva 13 in Ljubljana. Roundtable speakers, all successful businessmen, presented their sales strategies. One of those successful businessmen was Andraž Štalec, CEO of Red Orbit, the leading Slovenian search engine marketing company.

Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 04, 2008 --( All successful businessmen were invited to participate on interactive roundtable. They addressed specific problems in the marketing field. The purpose of knowledge exchange was to get new marketing ideas and develop innovative marketing strategies.

The event started with presentation of the most often sales and marketing problems of individual companies. Debate continued with questions connected to visibility of companies and their brands between customers, resistance of advertising, losing customers because of competition, no innovative marketing ideas between employees, achievement of potential customers and unexploited buying power between already existent customers.

Roundtable was absolutely interactive, so the participants dialogue ran unprepared with unpredictable questions and answers. Such situations are good opportunity for developing new ideas and solutions. Every businessman also had chance of minute appearance on television, which presented good promotion for individual companies.

Businessmen from different branches presented their own marketing grips. It was really interesting to hear how they are gaining new business with the help of new tools and new technologies. Search engine and internet marketing specialist, Andraž Štalec, introduced the idea of search marketing, which lowers the costs of marketing and achieves extremely large effect. He concentrated on search engine marketing, which with different lowly-cost manners, like search engine optimization, efficiently achieves target audience.

Andraž Štalec is chief executive officer of the leading Slovene search engine marketing company, Red Orbit. With innovative approach to search marketing, Red Orbit offers high quality services, which enables their clients better use of the web as a communication tool. Their services include search engine optimization, PPC campaign management, online identity management and internet marketing consultations. With these services their partners attract a bigger number of active buyers, establish their brand and enlarge advantage from other companies. "We give our customers an opportunity to place them on the first page of search engines and reduce the cost of internet marketing up to 50%" says Red Orbit’s CEO.

Diverse ideas of entrepreneurs and specialists from different fields are encouraging other entrepreneurs to develop and use new marketing approaches. Such events help exchange good business ideas and develop solid foundations for growth of Slovene economy.

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