New Radical Sanitising Range Launched for Food Industry

Worcester, United Kingdom, June 04, 2008 --( A new range of sanitising equipment specifically designed for the food production industry, which kills all common, bacteria, viruses and spoilage contaminants without using environmentally damaging chemicals such as Chlorine has been launched for the food industry.

After three years of field experience using the unique Steritroxing process a new range of high technology sanitizing equipment is being launched under the “Radical” brand mark.

Radical, as the name suggests is a range of revolutionary new technology solutions for delivering a unique form of advanced oxidation, known as Steritroxing, to deliver an unequalled microbiological kill rate within hygiene critical areas.

The Radical range consists of four main product categories (room sanitising, surface sanitizing, produce decontamination and odour control) that offer an answer to many of the challenges faced by hygiene managers in the food industry.

Peter Townley, the company's managing director explains: “Steritroxing has proven so successful over the past three years that we have developed the delivery mechanisms for this technology specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of the food industry.

“Radical machines use the Steritroxing process and other advanced techniques to effectively eradicate harmful contaminants such as Listeria, Pseudomonas and E.coli without the use of harmful chemicals such as Chlorine.”

Derivative equipment in the Radical range uses similar advanced technology. Ozonated water is used as an effective surface wash down and the odour control system uses ozone and water to remove unpleasant smells from the environment without expensive consumables.

The Radical range has been launched at a time when organisations such as the United Nations and Food Standards Agency continue to voice concern over the long term viability of Chlorine as an effective sanitising solution.

Compared to chlorine, the unique process delivers even greater killing potential over a short period of time and offers the industry a real alternative to chlorine based sanitising.

To find out more about the Radical range of sanitising equipment, to discuss how the range can improve hygiene routine efficiency or to see how Radical can eradicate a persistent problem visit or call 01386 751800.

Tom Grocott
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