Motivate 4 Success Launches Community Service Project at Laguna Woods

Providing inspiration and hope for seniors who have lost a soul mate. Over 30 years with the same person, leaves so many voids. Without my Right Arm is an anthology of experience, strength, and hope for others going through this period in their life.

San Clemente, CA, June 04, 2008 --( With the help of the Laguna Woods Writers Club (President – Jerry Bolliger) and Trish Perez, Coach Chez Wise of Motivate 4 Success has launched a project designed to inspire and assist seniors who may be struggling with complex bereavement issues that may stem from the loss of a long time love. Some seniors seem to be very active in the community after the loss of their soul mate, while others sometimes communicate the desire to isolate. The anthology type book shares real life stories of those who have reintroduced joy into their lives, as well as sharing the value of true love. The project has been so successful that Laguna Woods Writers Club and Video Club are featuring the project in their TV show on channel 6.

Anyone interested in more information or for possible inclusion on project, can visit the web site, or call Motivate 4 Success at 949-375-2676

Motivate 4 Success
Coach Chez Wise
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