Vote My Dream: Friends Pursuing Dreams; An Interactive Community that Gives Back

Vote My Dream’s website ( was launched today as a way for Robert Bigelow to help people’s dreams come true. Turning 50 spurred the realization of a shelf-life and a determination to merge 23 years of designing software with helping others. Having his own dream of building a hand-sculpted house and small retreat center out of cob (adobe like) in the southern Rockies led to the birth of a website that helps people in the pursuit of their dreams.

Delray Beach, FL, April 05, 2006 --( “I was determined to develop a business that had heart”, says Robert. “It took almost a year for the idea to evolve, but when it came to me, I immediately knew I found it”. Right after that he was informed that his primary source of income was going to come to an end in a few months and with two kids and a disabled brother in the house, the pressure was on.

Instead of keeping the profits from advertising dollars for himself, he plans to use them to provide assistance to members pursuing a dream. Every month, he will select dreamers to be awarded the financial and logistical resources to help further the process of making their dream a reality.

“It’s not my place to make someone’s dream happen for them, but I can help provide a few open doors for them to walk through”. “It’s what gives the business heart, and without it, it would simply be just another business for me”.

For more information or to schedule an interview, contact Robert Bigelow at 561-255-3533 or email

Vote My Dream
Robert Bigelow