Bridges the RSS Gap

Cision Ltd announce the launch of -- a new service that offers an easy to use, zero configuration interface that makes keeping up with dozens of preferred web pages a breeze.

Sheffield, United Kingdom, June 05, 2008 --( RSS feeds, intended to bring your favourite web pages to you faster without the need for endless searching and bookmarking, often aren't available but takes the pain out of catching up.

Antergi will pull out only the information you require without the distractions of ads and secondary content getting in the way.

Better still, can create complete replacement RSS feeds for sites that merely publish teasers in their feeds and waste the web user's time.

The thinking behind the service, as Cision CEO Andrew Gleadall explains, is that many web pages contain enough information to be deconstructed accurately and made into convenient RSS feeds.

"Users can now be updated seamlessly and effortlessly on many pages," says Andrew. "Every change to relevant content can be automatically brought to the subscriber's machine, without any complications just as if a full RSS feed has been provided originally."

"Some pages," explains Andrew, "can't be given a RSS feed such as the complex Wikipedia front page but many millions of others can, search engine pages, online stores, blogs, newsletters, online newspapers, magazines, forums, journals, personal home pages and more can be converted."

"RSS is a huge leap forward for busy people," adds Andrew. "But until was created it was too difficult for people to keep in touch with all their favourite sites in an efficient manner and they faced the risk of missing vital information."

Full information is available at including a 31 day free trial and demos or email

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