Pentek’s RTS 2721 Portable Signal Recording and Playback Instrument Streams Data at 500 MB/Sec

Pentek’s RTS 2721 is a highly portable instrument for recording or reproducing wideband analog signals.

Upper Saddle River, NJ, June 05, 2008 --( *Digitizes, records and reproduces two signals up to 60 MHz bandwidth
*Portable, lightweight instrument for field use — only 23 pounds
*Provides up to 2.4 Terabytes of disk storage
*Eliminates lengthy file conversions via a direct NTFS recording format
*Fulfills need for a separate oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer
*Provides an optimized environment for communications, radar, wireless, SIGINT and SATCOM

Pentek, Inc., today announced its Model RTS 2721 Portable Signal Recording and Playback Instrument, delivering truly remarkable performance while weighing only 23 pounds and measuring just 16.8 inches wide, 5.7 inches deep and 11.5 inches high. With recording and playback rates up to 500 MB/sec, the unit is well suited for a broad range of communications and radar applications that require acquisition, down-conversion, analysis, up-conversion and reproduction of baseband and intermediate frequency (IF) signals.

"The RTS 2721 is especially valuable for our government and military customers who need a highly portable instrument to record or reproduce wideband analog signals," said Rodger Hosking, vice president of Pentek. "Pentek's previous RTS 2500 Series VME systems handled peak record and playback rates of 160 MB/sec. Now with the RTS 2721, that rate has more than tripled to 500 MB/sec — a substantial jump, especially considering that it’s a portable instrument."

Exceptionally High Data Rates
The RTS 2721 incorporates Pentek’s high-performance Model 7641 Software Radio Transceiver. Two 14-bit A/D converters digitize two analog input signals at sample rates up to 125 MHz, thus handling either IF input signals with center frequencies as high as 300 MHz or baseband signals up to 60 MHz.

Multiple digital down converters (DDCs) translate tunable frequency slices of the input spectrum down to baseband and then filter the output. With programmable DDC decimation factors from two to 32,768, DDC output signal bandwidths can range from 8 kHz to as high as 60 MHz.

Both A/D samples and DDC output samples can be recorded continuously in real time to internal hard disk RAID arrays (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) at aggregate sustained rates up to 500 MB/sec. Flexible modes support synchronous multi-channel recording for beamforming applications and independent recording of multiple channels, each at different data rates.

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