Commute Market Introduces an Innovative Way to Address Increasing Gas Prices and Traffic Hassles

Bellevue, WA, June 05, 2008 --( Commute Market,, enables its members to buy or sell driving services through its web site. Passengers post travel routes and drivers reply to the ride requests with their quotes. It can be a one time ride request (similar to cab service) or a regular daily commute.

US citizens are finally facing what other locals of foreign metropolitan have faced for decades. Gas is more expensive than milk and its price is still climbing. Heavy traffic is a simple fact of driving and getting worse day by day at a noticeable pace. Both car prices and insurance premiums are increasing beyond inflation. Never mind the problems of parking and maintenance. Driving is simply not convenient any more.

"Commute Market is a public action to address the problems of traveling instead of expecting the government or the car manufactures or some miracle to solve them for us" says the founder of Commute Market Mr. Gunner Smith, "Public transportation is more than buses and subways for the rest of the world and so will it be for US, too".

What makes Commute Market uniquely different than the rest of the carpool or rideshare web sites out there is making rides safer. "With our criminal background check, driving record check, review and rating mechanism in place, it is safer than a cab ride or even a bus ride" says Mr. Smith. "We are also planning to introduce on board safety tracking device soon, which will address most of the security concerns for both drivers and passengers".

Currently, most of the ride requests are handled by professionals such as cab drivers. However, Mr. Smith expects that more and more private drivers will start to provide services and make money. He says "It makes total sense to drive to take someone to work on your path and make enough money to cover the gas and other costs of your daily commute."

As the problems of commuting increases, it is a relief to see US citizens are being proactive instead of hoping for the best.

Commute Market
Greg Adam