Looking Like a Princess is Not Enough; Girls Should Know That True Royalty Begins on the Inside

It's time for parents to recognize that girls are crying out for affirmation and self love, not more lip gloss or designer jeans. The High Princess Society offers parents help.

Collierville, TN, June 05, 2008 --(PR.com)-- HighPrincess.com encourages girls, ages 5 – 11, to become a Princess from the inside out. Each month, the Princess society members will receive fun, inspirational, and entertaining princess mail packages that contain words of wisdom, affirmation, and encouragement on subjects ranging from true beauty to self –esteem. Recipients can choose from English or Español. Packages will arrive each month, personally addressed to the member, containing a letter, arts and crafts projects, and gifts "fit for a princess". At the completion of the mentoring session, girls will have earned their very own Tiara, which will also arrive in the mail.

The program should be used to reinforce what parents are already teaching and modeling at home. A large percentage of girls need additional inspiration outside of their homes. The program seeks to help adults strengthen moral values and lessons of self worth in their daughters, grand daughters, and nieces. In this age of bullying, girls must to learn to love themselves first before they can treat their peers with respect. Learning to love themselves is also a necessary characteristic to have in order to form healthy relationships with boys or potential dates. Often times, abuse is acceptable in a dating or marital relationship because the abused person has low self esteem and believes that they deserve the treatment that they are receiving.

Anorexia is another poplar trend among young girls. All too many girls focus on external appearances as opposed to finding good qualities in themselves and in others. Girls compare themselves to super models and to one another, not realizing that they are nourishing deep levels of insecurity within. Often times, the insecurity that starts in childhood carries over into adult females.

The High Princess Society teaches girls that everyone is unique and to appreciate their differences. Starting early in young girls can ensure that the important aspects of internal beauty will be realized before it’s too late.
For membership information, visit http://www.highprincess.com or email customerservice@highprincess.com.

The HighPrincess Society
Marcella Woodard