LAST Skincare Unveils Upgraded Skin Repair Serum with 35+ Potent Ingredients for Profound Skin Regeneration

LAST Skincare, the brand known for its uncompromising approach to delivering clinically proven formulations that regenerate and restructure the skin, has launched an upgraded version of its signature Skin Repair Serum after two years of further research and testing. The new formula boasts 35+ plant and science-based active ingredients, including botanical alternatives to retinol, adaptogens, biomimetic tetrapeptides and peptides, cold-pressed oils, glycerides, vitamins, bioferments and more.

Warsaw, Poland, May 15, 2023 --( LAST Skincare, the niche premium manufacturer from Europe, has raised the bar with its upgraded Skin Repair Serum, packed with 35+ plant and science-based vegan active ingredients. With its proven effectiveness in regenerating, nourishing, and protecting the skin, this serum is set to become a cult classic in the world of aesthetic medicine.

After two years from launch, brand’s signature, cult Skin Repair Serum has received an upgrade. The popular formula was enriched in four new active ingredients known for their outstanding anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, as well as their ability to reduce redness and erythema. With a total of 35 different active ingredients, this product now holds the title of the most potent on the market.

As the industry outsider, LAST was founded with an uncompromising approach to delivering powerful yet gentle formulations that are clinically proven to make a difference by profoundly regenerating and restructuring the skin. Using the latest scientific research on the cutaneous nervous system and wound healing, the brand focused on the root causes of aging and working on the cellular level to slow down the accelerated aging and increasing tissue regeneration. It now incorporates powerful plant & science based ingredients sourced from 23 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Amazon jungle, and with frankincense, myrrh and copaiba in the heart of the brand. The range consists of fewer, but harder working products, fulfilling all the complex needs of different skin types.

For the long-time followers of the brand, the upgrade of the Skin Repair Serum comes as no surprise. “At LAST, we embrace the kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement, constantly researching and testing newly discovered active ingredients to see if there is a value to surpass the potency of our formulations. And sometimes we find that there is. This is one of these moments,” says Katarzyna Janocha, LAST founder.

The new Skin Repair Serum is rich in 35+ plant and science based, vegan active ingredients: botanical alternative to retinol, plant and resin extracts, adaptogens, biomimetic tetrapeptide and peptides, glycerides, cold pressed oils, vitamins, bioferments and more - all with proven effectiveness in regenerating, nourishing and protecting the skin. Ingredients mainly origin from resins, leaves, seeds, roots, bark, fruits and flowers of different plants, trees and mushroom.

The new formula is filled with clinically tested ingredients with extraordinary results in:
- increasing collagen synthesis (+63%),
- hyaluronic acid synthesis (+99%),
- ceramide synthase (+26%),
- reducing wrinkles (-35%)
- immediate elasticity improvement (+19%),
- increasing skin hydration (+47%),
- reducing redness (-273%) and erythema (-13,3%),
- diminishing pigmentation spots (-22,5%),
- increasing skin smoothness (+35%), skin luminosity (+261%) and clarity (+112%).

Apart from addressing complete needs of skin, the Skin Repair Serum also contains ingredients clinically proven to raise 4-times the level of beta endorphin in skin and diminish the cortisol by 60%.

The Serum is now available at and in the best premium aesthetic medicine clinics.
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