FEIN Joins AMPShare - Powered by Bosch Battery Alliance

FEIN announces it is a founding member of the North American AMPShare battery platform and outlines which tools will convert to the new battery system.

FEIN Joins AMPShare - Powered by Bosch Battery Alliance
Pittsburgh, PA, May 17, 2023 --(PR.com)-- FEIN Joins New AMPShare™ - Powered by Bosch Battery System.

The multi-brand battery system is in partnership with BOSCH and Rothenberger.

The partnership offers tradespeople across a variety of industries the following benefits:

- Leading battery technology: a range of batteries offering optimal power-to-weight ratio, high-power performance, and COOLPACK 2.0 technology heat management for a longer lifetime.
- Expertise for the professional woodworker: FEIN invented the oscillating multitool and has been the leading choice amongst professionals ever since.
- Compatibility: AMPShare™ - Powered by Bosch batteries are compatible across a growing number of expert brands and with all existing Bosch batteries.

FEIN has officially announced its role as a founding member of the North American AMPShare™ - Powered by Bosch battery system in partnership with Bosch and Rothenberger. AMPShare™ is a shared battery and charger platform compatible with cordless tools within the multi-brand alliance, including FEIN’s MULTIMASTER 500, 700, and 700-1.7Q series. Launching in July 2023, FEIN will offer two batteries that fall under the AMPShare™ portfolio (2.0Ah & 4.0Ah) and a rapid charger. Two additional batteries, 8.0Ah and 12.0Ah, as well as a Turbo Charger, will launch in late 2023.

The MULTIMASTER is the “go-to” oscillating tool for various trades. FEIN’s participation in the AMPShare™ battery platform benefits workers across North America, ensuring high performance and maximum efficiency on the job site. Opening up the MULTIMASTER to the platform will enable tradespeople to continue using their favorite high-quality tools while enhancing the tool’s life with an improved battery.

At the initial launch, this collaboration is especially exciting for those in the woodworking, construction, and carpentry trades due to the freedom that the platform provides. Professionals can currently use this battery platform across fifteen brands without compromising performance or handling multiple battery and charger systems. It allows them to choose their favorite tools without being locked into one particular brand of battery. The partnership plans to expand over the coming years, adding a growing list of cordless solutions.

"FEIN and Bosch have a history of jointly developing practical solutions for our customers, starting with the Starlock tool mount in 2016. We’re incredibly excited to build on that partnership,” said Bill Craig, FUS President.

In addition to allowing workers to use Bosch batteries on FEIN tools, FEIN users will benefit from the AMPShare™ 18V battery’s improved battery technology. It includes COOLPACK 2.0 technology that extends the battery life by 135% compared to batteries without integrated heat dissipation.

The 2Ah and 4Ah 18V batteries feature dual-mode charging providing a fast charge to 80%. The 2Ah battery charges to 80% in fifteen minutes, and the 4Ah battery charges to 80% in 32 minutes; the remaining 20% of the charge remains in long-life mode to help extend the life of the battery.

Users asked and FEIN listened. A selection of MULTIMASTER tools on the AMPShare™ system will come in an L-Boxx, allowing users to combine and stack cases together for easier carrying of their tools and accessories. FEIN will also offer tools and accessories in a nylon bag. Currently, MULTIMASTER 500, 700, and 700-1.7Q are the only tools from FEIN on the AMPShare™ battery platform, but in the coming years, FEIN plans to convert a number of their cordless tools to the new system.

For more information on the FEIN joining the AMPShare™ - Powered by Bosch Battery Platform, visit www.feinus.com/multimaster2023.

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