Demonstration Nation: Kopali Communities Creates Ultra-Ecological and Sustainable Communities in Costa Rica

"Wherever you go, Go with your full heart." Kopali Communities Ltd., creates communities, where the residents can live in full harmony with themselves and with nature in which they are a part.

Miami, FL, June 06, 2008 --( The people have spoken and they want to live sustainably: Kopali Communities offers modern & contemporary eco-villages where residents live in harmony with each other, with themselves and with nature.

In June 2008, Kopali Communities will offer 40 home-sites for sale in a first-of-its-kind master planned eco-community in San Mateo, Costa Rica. Offering residents a bounty of local, organic foods grown throughout the community, zero-energy homes, chemical-free spring water and so much more – Kopali Communities is redefining “eco” while bringing responsible community development to the cutting edge. The community features an “Eco Machine” to treat its wastewater, designed by Dr. John Todd, world-renown biologist and visionary leader in the field of ecological design. Todd is the inventor of Eco-Machines - miniature ecosystems that use the natural abilities of bacteria, plants and animals to turn toxic sewage and waste into food, fuel, clean water and commercial crops.

At the epicenter of a major real estate boom, parts of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast have become riddled with severe environmental destruction, depletion of potable water supplies and shortages of electrical energy. As a result of this rampant exploitation, negative social consequences have been widespread throughout this beautiful nation. As a “triple bottom line” business, Kopali Communities is dedicated to profiting its investors while improving the lives, the local communities and the ecosystems in which they are a part.

Kopali Communities first community, Valle de Machuca, is located one hour from the capital of San Jose and just 30 minutes from the beautiful beaches of the Pacific Ocean. At an elevation of 1,000 feet above sea-level, residents will enjoy the abundance of the Aguacate Mountains – its lush and tropical winters, dry summers, cool evenings and fresh mornings. Known for its gold and mineral-rich rivers, hills and valleys, the energy of Valle de Machuca is almost palpable.

In March 2008, Green Building expert and winner of the 2007 International Sustainability Pioneer Award, David Johnston, toured Valle de Machuca in search of a home for he and his wife, Elena. Following his trip to Costa Rica, David said, “Elena, my wife, grew up in Costa Rica and has always dreamed of living there again. We have returned 7 or 8 times looking for the right combination of qualities in a homestead to begin our future in Costa Rica.” Johnston continued, “I have spent my entire adult life (over 30 years) working on issues of sustainability. At Valle de Machuca we both found what we were looking for.”

Kopali Communities was founded in 2005 to provide an alternative to conventionally master planned developments, for the millions of people worldwide who wish to live healthy and sustainable lifestyles. Kopali Communities is a growing team and community of farmers, entrepreneurs, developers, artists, teachers, architects and dreamers from all walks of life. Based in Miami, Florida, Kopali Communities is sister-companies with Kopali Organics, providing radically pure, extremely healthful foods, produced in the most compassionate and sustainable ways possible.


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