San Diego Free Skateboard Lessons at Pacifica Skatepark

GOSKATE - Skateboard School invites skateboarders of all ages and skill levels to celebrate Go Skate Day at Pacifica Skatepark on June 21 at 4 pm. Led by experienced instructor Jared Goebel, this event promises an exciting day filled with free lessons, giveaways, and an inclusive skateboarding community.

San Diego, CA, June 01, 2023 --( Pacifica Skatepark Location:
Pacifica Parks Beaches & Rec, 540 Crespi Dr., Pacifica, CA 94044, USA.

Date and Time: June 21 at 4 pm.

Instructor: Jared Goebel from GOSKATE - Skateboard School

Pacifica Skatepark is gearing up for an exhilarating celebration on June 21 as skateboarders come together to commemorate Go Skate Day. This special event, organized by GOSKATE - Skateboard School, aims to promote the joy and passion for skateboarding while fostering a sense of community.

Open to all ages and experience levels, the event offers free lessons led by skilled instructor Jared Goebel, who will be proudly wearing the branded GOSKATE tee-shirt. Whether you're a beginner seeking guidance or an experienced skateboarder looking to hone your skills, this event is the perfect opportunity to learn, connect, and have a blast.

Located at Pacifica Skatepark, skaters will have access to a well-designed facility equipped with various ramps, rails, and obstacles, providing an ideal setting for participants to practice and showcase their skateboarding abilities.

As part of the Go Skate Day celebration, GOSKATE - Skateboard School will be distributing free giveaways to participants, adding an extra element of excitement and appreciation for the skateboarding community.

This event is a fantastic chance for skateboarders to experience the thrill of Go Skate Day in a welcoming and supportive environment. Whether you're a local skateboarder or visiting Pacifica, join them at Pacifica Skatepark on June 21 at 4 pm to celebrate the joy of skateboarding, connect with fellow skateboarders, and enjoy the camaraderie that Go Skate Day brings.

More info: San Diego Skateboard School
Robert Guirola