iMPact Business Group Unveils Insights from the 2023 Salary Survey: Revealing Key Trends in the Job Market

iMPact Business Group releases the 2023 Salary Survey, providing valuable insights into current salaries and hiring trends in IT, Engineering, and Finance/Accounting. Key findings include remote work adjustments, the importance of transparency in job postings, and salary's impact on job satisfaction. The report empowers job seekers and organizations to make informed decisions in a dynamic job market.

Grand Rapids, MI, June 02, 2023 --( iMPact Business Group, a leading staffing agency based in Grand Rapids, MI and Tampa, FL committed to connecting top talent with organizations, is pleased to announce the release of its highly anticipated 2023 Salary Survey results. This comprehensive report provides valuable insights into the current state of salaries and hiring trends across Information Technology, Engineering, and Finance/Accounting industries.

The third annual Salary Report aims to offer an up-to-date overview of the job market, empowering both job seekers and hiring companies with crucial information. By collecting insights from candidates and hiring managers, the survey delves into employees' perceptions of their workplace, salary situation, benefits, and career plans, shedding light on key factors influencing job satisfaction and decision-making.

The 2023 Salary Survey highlights several notable trends that have emerged in the job market. One significant finding is the adjustment in remote work dynamics. While the number of people working fully remote or hybrid has decreased slightly from the previous year, 59% of IT workers reported working remotely, compared to only 12.8% in Engineering. Moreover, individuals working remotely expressed a positive view of their employer's on-site/remote work model, emphasizing the importance of flexibility and work-life balance.

Transparency emerges as a crucial factor for job seekers, with the survey indicating that compensation listed in job postings holds significant importance. Salary remains the top job satisfaction factor for candidates, followed closely by Company Culture and Work From Home Flexibility. The report also reveals a shift in the job market, as fewer candidates actively seek new opportunities, while an increasing number remain open to hearing about potential job prospects.

The 2023 Salary Survey also addresses the topic of compensation ranges, with slight changes observed in different salary brackets. Furthermore, candidate concerns regarding salary adjustments due to inflation are prevalent, as 80% reported not seeing an increase in salary to account for inflation. The survey also uncovered that nearly half of the respondents would require a 10-19% increase in salary to consider a job change.

"These survey results provide valuable insights into the current job market landscape, enabling organizations and job seekers to make informed decisions," said Mark Sapoznikov, Marketing Manager. "At iMPact Business Group, we are dedicated to helping our clients and candidates navigate the ever-changing dynamics of the job market, and this salary survey serves as a critical resource for achieving that."

The 2023 Salary Survey report offers in-depth analysis and detailed findings, covering various industries and job roles. To access the complete report and gain comprehensive insights into the salary trends and hiring landscape, visit

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