Science Led Natural Skincare Brand Albiva, Achieves Butterfly Mark Recertification

Innovative UK based beauty brand Albiva creates science-led skincare products without compromising people or planet and has achieved Butterfly Mark recertification for a second time.

London, United Kingdom, June 10, 2023 --( Rooted in nature, powered by science & technology, beauty brand Albiva creates next generation products with sustainability at the core. Albiva has achieved Butterfly Mark recertification for a second time, for its continuous improvement in embedding sustainability practices throughout its operations.

In order to achieve the Butterfly Mark, companies must achieve a minimum of 50% in each area of assessment: Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG). Albiva achieved 68% in Environment, 66% in Social and 77% in Governance, and excelling in the following areas:

Sustainable Sourcing: Working with Positive Luxury, Albiva have developed a robust sustainable procurement strategy including deliverables focusing on CO2 emissions, promoting equal pay and providing opportunities for SMEs and other diverse suppliers. Ensuring its suppliers recognise their role and contribution to driving sustainable practices, Albiva has developed an Ethical Trading Requirements document detailing the core principles all suppliers must comply with including humane working conditions, respect for works and their human rights while minimising production impact on the environment.

Biodiversity: Prioritising biodiversity protection when sourcing natural ingredients, Albiva has produced a biodiversity statement identifying ingredients that are chosen to protect biodiversity, ingredients to avoid as well as those on the verge of extinction such as Chamomile. For example Albiva's Cylindrotheca Fusiformis Extract (oceanic marine algae) producer grows the micro algae in a purpose built solar powered facility ensuring the oceans balance are not disturbed by uncontrolled harvesting and negating the risk of sea pollution. Going further, Albiva includes biodiversity in its sustainable procurement strategy aiming to only work with suppliers that use the latest biotechnology to prevent over-harvesting and exploitation of wild species.

DE&I, Ethics and Human Rights: Despite being a small company, Albiva founder has developed a robust DE& I and CSR policies ensuring the business operations not only promote but support diversity, equality and inclusion. This is extended externally to its supply chain too with suppliers required to sign a code of conduct regarding their commitment to respecting human rights, ensuring safe working conditions and eliminating unlawful discrimination. Albiva conducts formalised supplier ethical audits as part of the process covering requirements such as worker health and safety, human rights & labour practices, regulatory compliance as well as community involvement and consumer safety.

SDG Alignment: During recertification, Albiva has conducted a formalised SDG analysis focusing on seven goals including, SDG12 –Responsible Consumption and Production. With this in mind and as part of its Environmental Policy, Albiva has switched to glass refillable packaging reducing waste through recycling and re-use. SDG15 – Life on Land is a key area for Albiva and as a member of 1% For the Planet, Albiva has contractually pledged 1% of Gross Profit to environmental causes, particularly the conservation, restoration and sustainable use of terrestrial and inland freshwater ecosystems.

Positive Luxury’s four-part methodology is uniquely tailored for the luxury industry, and the only certification that focuses on innovation and future sustainability risks. The Butterfly Mark is an independent certification that verifies for consumers and other stakeholders that a luxury business is operating in line with the highest standards of sustainability across the entire value chain.

“Positive Luxury is proud to recertify Albiva with the Butterfly Mark for its continuous improvement in embedding sustainability practices throughout its operations. With people and nature in mind, Albiva works with suppliers using latest technology to minimise its environmental impact and conducts supplier audits regarding working conditions. Albiva is testament to a collaborative approach for business transformation." - Diana Verde Nieto, Co-Founder of Positive Luxury

“At Albiva, we believe in the collective transformative action through giving back to protect and restore our planet. We are passionate about cultivating a more ethical, transparent and sustainable industry. Sustainability is at the core of our company, fully part of our business’s strategic direction and embedded in our Code of Conduct. We are talking a long-term view and have invested heavily in packaging, ingredients and technology. For us, environmental, social and business objectives are not mutually exclusive. We believe companies that have environmentally focused strategies are making genuine connections with customers, which translates into success with traditional business measures. Being sustainable is no longer a cost of doing business; it is a catalyst for innovation, new market opportunity, and wealth creation.” - Ivana Iesini, Founder of Albiva

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