Skydive Pennridge
Skydive Pennridge

Skydive Swooping Boosts Skydive Philadelphia Mega-Thrills

Skydive swooping at Skydive Philadelphia is the skydiving world's newest, hottest thrill.

Smyrna, GA, April 06, 2006 --( Skydive swooping at Skydive Philadelphia is the skydiving world's newest, hottest thrill.

The skilled skydivers at Skydive Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's premiere skydiving site, are swooping their way to maximum excitement.

Swooping, as defined by The Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary, is "the act of moving very quickly and easily through the air, especially down from a height, in order to attack."

And that is exactly what Skydiving Swoopers do. They descend more quickly than when making other types of jumps. And, when approaching the ground, their primary goal is not to make a soft landing. No, Swoopers want to gracefully swoop over the ground, lakes, or other bodies of water.

Indeed, swooping is sometimes labeled "Pond Swooping." Pond Swoopers speed across water while dragging one or both feet in the water for as long as they can, and attempting to end their thrilling journey on land.

Rob Morris is a veteran skydiver and certified skydiving instructor with the 1-800-Sky-Ride Adventure Network of which Skydive Philadelphia is a member. He says, "Swooping is a rush! I've got this one gate I like to shoot through, where I slit a telephone pole and a pine tree that are just 12 feet apart (and his parachute is 10 feet wide) while flying inches above a glistening barb wire fence!" When asked if he doesn't ever get scared and think about giving up swooping, Morris answers, "Hey, I go for it! That's life. I wasn't born wearing a seatbelt!"

When launching into a swoop as they approach the ground, Skydive Philadelphia's experienced, daring skydivers aim for two goals: maximum speed and lengthier swoops.

Whether swooping, performing sky-high acrobatics, building group formations, or making regular jumps (if there is such a thing as a regular skydive), the skydivers at Skydive Philadelphia consistently fill the Pennsylvania skies with adventure and excitement.

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Skydive Philadelphia, one of the nation’s premier skydiving centers, is located near Philadelphia, PA, in Perkasie, PA. Skydive Philadelphia is an acknowledged leader in the skydiving industry. Offering state-of-the-art training, equipment, and jump planes, as well as the sport’s foremost skydiving coaches, Skydive Philadelphia is dedicated to providing thrilling, never-to-be-forgotten experiences to adventure seekers from all areas of the nation. More information about Skydive Philadelphia may be obtained by visiting or by calling (610) 366-1033.

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