TODAY Show Segment on E-Interviews for Teens Truly Benefits All Generations

The TODAY Show aired a segment on June 5, 2008 regarding technology designed to elicit true and complete medical interview for teens. This technology is available and highly effective for all ages.

Downers Grove, IL, June 07, 2008 --( Electronic Patient Interviews Benefit Teens and Their Parents.

The TODAY Show report on medical texting software for interviewing teens on medical issues highlights important issues for not only teens but, their parents and all generations. Chief among these is that talking to your doctor about medical issues is not as easy as we think.

In fact, studies have shown that doctors often get incomplete medical histories from patients. This is because patients don’t think about their medical complaint systematically or they don’t want to openly discuss sensitive topics like sexual activity, alcohol use and domestic violence, as the TODAY show discussed.

Instant Medical History (IMH) software, like that highlighted on the show, provides a powerful problem focused patient interview that overcomes many of the obstacles highlighted in the TODAY Show report. Using the IMH is simple. A patient responds to multiple choice questions that change based on their responses. The software then translates the results of the e-interview into clinical terminology for the doctor.

“IMH and e-interviews not only increase the accuracy and scope of the patient interview but, doctors find that they have more time to focus on the patient’s health concerns,” noted Lester H. Keepper Jr., Chairman and CEO of Secure Services Corp., a health care secure technology firm that offers SHAPE™ IMH as one of their suite of products. A study by Dr. Allen Wenner, a pioneer in this field, found that doctors using IMH had more time to spend on discussing treatment plans and they could even spend time on patient education without adding to the overall length of the patient visit. “Dr Wenner found that patients were more satisfied with their communication with their doctor and that quality of care was enhanced,” stated Keepper.

Other benefits of IMH and e-interviews include:

Patient controls the pace of the questions allowing greater comprehension
The computer screen overcomes hearing and language difficulties in many instances
Patients that might have difficulty answering questions can be assisted by a family member
Automated process documents complete interviews ensuring proper coding and billing of encounters.

IMH is even more useful if patients can complete the interview process from their home as well as in a doctor’s waiting room. But, when completing and sending the information in advance it’s critical that doctors and patients have assurances that the transmission of the interview is private and secure.

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