Hand-Painted Oil Paintings from Photos Make Memorable Summer Wedding Additions

Summer is a busy nuptial season, and this year brides, grooms, and even guests can make the wedding more memorable by having wedding or engagement photos turned into hand-painted oil paintings by the artists at Portrait Painting.

Omaha, NE, June 07, 2008 --(PR.com)-- A new service launched earlier this year by Portrait Painting is allowing brides and grooms everywhere to add a bit of old fashioned class to their wedding by showcasing a hand-painted oil painting of the happy couple. The wedding paintings are all completed by experienced oil painting artists and are based on existing photographs, letting the couple avoid posing for lengthy sittings.

“Unlike similar services, our artists don’t use projections, transfers, or any computer-aided techniques,” says Ryan Renner of Portrait Painting. “Everything is completely done by hand, by artists who specialize in creating lifelike oil paintings from photographs. Higher quality photography today allows us to better capture details that would have otherwise been lost in the past.”

Oil paintings can be created based on any favorite photo of the couple or a loved one. A couple may decide to have their favorite wedding photo turned into a painting to feature in their home, or they may prefer to have an oil painting created from their engagement photo, having it displayed during the wedding ceremony or reception. Friends and family members can even have their favorite photo of the happy couple turned into a hand-painted oil painting as a wedding gift.

The wide variety of options and sizes means that a completely hand-painted oil portrait can fit into anyone’s budget. All paintings created by Portrait Painting’s artists feature the highest quality canvases and paints, and are based on each artist’s own techniques for creating lifelike oil portraits. Portrait Painting even offers a full money-back guarantee.

About Portrait Painting

Portrait Painting was launched in early 2008 in Omaha, Nebraska and offers hand-painted oil paintings from photographs. The company’s artists have over seventy years of combined experience in oil painting, and specialize in oil-based portraits. The lifelike oil paintings are completely handmade by each artist, using no computer-aided tools, transfers, projections, or other artificial methods of creating accurate oil paintings from photographs. Portrait Painting creates human portraits, pet portraits, and even landscape oil paintings from photos.

For more information about how Portrait Painting can turn wedding and other photographs into hand-painted oil paintings, please visit www.PortraitPainting.com or contact Ryan Renner at 800-403-0407. To view oil painting samples alongside their original photographs, please visit http://www.portraitpainting.com/samples.html.

Ryan Renner