XTVWorld.Com Crosses 10,000 News Milestone

Press Booth (http://press.xtvworld.com) of XTVWorld.Com (http://www.xtvworld.com) few days back published the 10,000th news item meant for syndication for technology and communication websites. March 2006 saw 1 million page loads alone at XTVWorld.Com's free Corporate News Service for Technology and Communication Companies at Press Booth.

New Delhi, India, April 10, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Now at the age of high speed Internet marketing with help of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) the role of online News Distribution Services and PR Companies are on the rise, and the Internet is flooded with wired news every day. This trend though very beneficial to any editor, journalist or a web master, it is very hard to identify the right news from millions of news items that are posted everyday in various paid and free press release distribution services.

Press Booth (http://press.xtvworld.com) has created its niche foothold in this crucial juncture between Bulk news and Quality News. At Press Booth visitors not only get to read about news posted by corporate members of Press Booth but also get to see edited version of various featured press releases from various international news distribution agencies as featured by the editorial team of XTVWorld.Com (http://www.xtvworld.com).

“The whole objective of Press Booth is two fold,” said Aditya Basu, Publisher and Editor of XTVWorld.Com, “first we want to create a quality news environment for our visitors and not leave him out from any news that is important to him, second we give a common man also the chance to get his voice be heard among the Corporate Goliaths if his news is important enough; Thats why we run free news service with strict editorial policies.

“At Press Booth there is no guarantee that all news items posted by our members will be posted,” continued Aditya, “visitors will get to see the news items that have been selected by our editors.”

Unlike a lot of free news distribution, free news syndication, free press release distribution channels, at Press Booth all posted news items are moderated by human editors.

“This service gives the visitors visiting our News Service an edge in news gathering, as the news item has already been reviewed once by our editors before being posted at Press Booth,” said Aditya, “we put forward news items only which we feel are important to our visitors from the fields of technology, communication, marketing, advertising and many other topics that we cover there” continued Aditya, “this gives our visitors the required breathing space to search for quality news item on the web which they can republish in their website for free.”

Few companies who chose Press Booth's News Service as part of their online PR Campaign:
Simens Communiation
Reliance Infocomm
European Telecommunications Standards Institute
GSM Associasion
Helius Inc
Narrowstep Inc
Huges Network Network Systems LCC
Comodo Group

“The fun part of Press Booth at XTVWorld.Com is even a net-savvy hair dresser can get his news featured side by side a news release of a heavy duty corporate giant,” said Aditya.

Press Booth has right now over 1110 members.

“How many sites give you over 10,000 selected news items on media, communication and technology? And that too for Free?” asked Aditya, “here at Press Booth our main objective is to give you what you have been searching for so long in the net, those few valuable drops of news among the millions of drops that get showered everyday.”

Editors Note:
At PressBooth you can get news on the following subjects;
Advertising Affiliate Program Animation Arts Broadcast Business & Marketing Books Business Networking Business Publishing Cable Television CMS:Content Management System Communication Computer Hardware & Peripherals Computer Networking Designing Digital Photography Digital Imaging Dish TV Documentary Domains Domain Name Booking DSL: Digital Subscriber Line DVD Entertainment Fashion Film & Video Shooting Graphics IPTV: Internet Protocol Television ISP: Internet Service Provider IT: Information Technology Journalism Marketing Management Movie Production Movie Editing Multimedia Production Music & Music Downloads Network Server News Performing Arts Podcast Print Technology Programming PR: Public Relation Radio Sales Satellite Television SEO: Search Engine Optimization Software Storage Media & Discs Technology Telecommunication Telecom Services Video Conferencing Video Film Video Streaming Vodcast VOIP: Voice Over Internet Protocol Webcast Web Hosting Wi-Fi WiMAX WLAN.


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