Gizoom Marketing & Consulting Leads Trend Towards Fractional Agency Model

As the business world adapts to post-pandemic realities, Gizoom Marketing & Consulting leads the way with its innovative Fractional Agency model. Amid a trend towards flexible, part-time roles, their model provides expert strategic planning on a part-time basis, aligning with changing employment dynamics. Gizoom is also developing programs to maximize the benefits of fractional positions.

Scottsdale, AZ, June 29, 2023 --( Amid a turbulent business environment marked by layoffs and remote working, Gizoom Marketing & Consulting is charting a fresh path with its innovative Fractional Agency model. This model is part of a wider trend seeing companies pivot towards more flexible, cost-effective staffing solutions.

The Fractional Agency model offers businesses access to part-time, expert-level strategy officers. It combines the benefits of an agency with the strategic expertise of a full-time executive team but on a part-time, more flexible basis. This shift mirrors a wider change in the employment landscape, as more companies and workers embrace the benefits of part-time and remote working.

"Gizoom is responding to the needs of businesses and the realities of the post-pandemic workplace," said Gizoom's CEO. "Our Fractional Agency model is a solution that benefits businesses and workers alike, reducing costs and providing a flexible approach to strategic planning."

In addition to providing part-time strategy officers, Gizoom also develops programs for businesses looking to utilize fractional positions more effectively, further evidence of the growing importance of this trend.

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Gizoom Marketing & Consulting is at the forefront of business solutions, spearheading the shift towards a Fractional Agency model. Their fractional services are tailored to enable scalable and sustainable business growth in a changing economic landscape.

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