Degree Controls Adds High-Accuracy Temperature Measurement to Multipoint Instrumentation

RTD1000 temperature sensors are the first multipoint sensors capable of measuring with an accuracy of 0.1°C. RTD1000 sensors ship calibrated and ready for measurements.

Nashua, NH, June 30, 2023 --( Degree Controls announced the release of the RTD1000 ( series of temperature sensors which adds high accuracy digital temperature measurement to its platform of multipoint airflow instrumentation. RTD1000 (Resistance Temperature Detector) is ideal for research and development teams who need to monitor product or process temperatures. The temperature sensors are precalibrated and ready to take measurements; there is no need to spend time wiring, converting electrical signals into readable temperature measurements, or calibrating.

Capable of measuring with an accuracy of 0.1°C, RTD1000 sensors are well suited for applications where temperature goals cannot be met with common types of thermocouples. They have a calibration range of 0 to 100 °C and complement DegreeC’s high performance air velocity testing solutions. Engineers and researchers who require both airflow and temperature sensing can augment high-accuracy air velocity measurements with precise temperature measurements in a single multipoint test setup. In addition, the effects of air velocity on surface temperatures can be evaluated in real time. RTD1000 temperature sensors are plug and play with the convenience of USB connectivity.

RTD1000 temperature sensors are designed with a platinum sensing element for high accuracy and stability. Probe style and surface mount sensor head options are available, and a 5m cable allows users to access distant measurement locations.

Like other USB-based sensors and sensing arrays from Degree Controls, RTD1000 sensors connect directly to a PC or °C Port data acquisition instrument. Paired with °C Port, Windows®-based AccuTrac™ software collects up to 180 points of air velocity and temperature, as well as humidity and barometric pressure data, in real time. Simply connect multiple USB sensors to a °C Port to log multiple sensor readings at once.

“The RTD1000 brings high-accuracy temperature measurement to multipoint sensing and instrumentation. It is plug and play and can be combined with any of our USB airflow sensors for thermal testing. Unlike other RTDs on the market, RTD1000s ship fully calibrated so that you can start measuring temperatures right away,” said Phil Daniels, VP Sales and Marketing for Degree Controls (
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