Food Industry Sanitising Specialist Radical Has Announced New Produce Decontamination Products

Sanitising specialist Radical has announced new produce decontamination equipment designed specifically for the food industry.

Worcester, United Kingdom, June 10, 2008 --( Sanitising specialist Radical has announced a new range of produce decontamination equipment designed specifically for the food industry.

The new range of equipment effectively kills bacteria, viruses, parasites and moulds when used as a sanitising wash down on food produce. This is a critical requirement for the industry and provides a much-needed solution to a growing problem.

In addition to the sanitizing benefits the advanced oxidation water systems also have the potential to extend the shelf-life of produce.

The process controls and exploits the killing power of advanced oxidation technology in a way previously unavailable. The key technology that the process utilises to deliver its huge sterilising charge is based on the production of free radicals through the generation of aqueous ozone.

Free radicals are powerful bactericidal and virucidal agents which are managed safely, effectively and efficiently by an advanced control system.

This vapour diffuses into every corner of the workspace, bathing all exposed surfaces and penetrating deep into hidden areas and fabrics.

The free radical cascade destroys molecular biofilm and exposes resistant environmental contaminants to a natural biocide to which they can develop no defence. Put simply, bacteria are unable to build resistance to this form of attack.

Towards the end of the programmed cycle a further catalyst is injected that creates a secondary burst of free radicals massively enhancing the kill rate for a further short period and then quickly absorbs the remaining ozone concentration down to a safe level for personnel to re-enter the room, all typically within one hour. The speed at which Steritroxing reduces ozone concentration to a safe level is something that no other system can match, meaning that production down-time is kept to a minimum.

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