New Sport Collectible Hits the Market Design by a Woman

Sport Card Creations, Inc. now at bat with the bases loaded.

Natick, MA, April 06, 2006 --( Sport Card Creations, Inc. has revolutionized the sport card industry by offering the most innovative, sport displays for sport cards.

Sport Card Creations, Inc. of Natick Ma. has announced the launch of the Ultimate Sport Card Display. These displays prominently feature sport superstars, and youth sport cards from your local youth teams on a polished, sleek base.

The Sport Card Creations display design is copyrighted and can be only available from them. The displays are ideal for gift-givers, fans, collectors, and proud grandparents, that feature one, two, or three card holders along with a sports icon such as a team football helmet, goalie mask, basketball, soccer ball, or a real 1/64 die-cast NASCAR car, embedded in pre-grooved areas on the base.

The display is made of the highest quality acrylic polished with added color graphic paint, and buffed to create the appearance of fine crystal. "We produce these displays for collectors that need a safe and special way to display their treasured card, we also offer displays with cards in the card holder for the fan that just wants to collect their favorite player." quoting Denise LePage, President and CEO of Sport Card Creations, Inc.

Choose from the NFL, NHL, MLB, PGA, NBA, NASCAR, and Youth Sports, with an extensive player listing. The card holders are clear so the fan will be able to view the players stats, information, etc. on the back of the card. They are recessed for the card to fit in perfectly dead center. They can be taken off the display stand. Cards can also be taken out of the cardholder if a customer would like to change their card in the future. We offer displays without cards for the collectors who have rookie, autographed, thin jersey cards, etc. Collectors need a place to for their cards to be displayed instead of being in the draws, boxes or a closet.

Sport Card Creations, Inc. offers the newest innovation of baseball, puck and mini-helmet displays that hold sport cards. These displays are perfect for the collector of autographed items. We are the only company to offer exciting alternatives to just a plain box or a plastic ball holder.  For more informatio, log onto

Sport Card Creations, Inc.
Denise LePage