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The Mortgage Bus Presents: 5 Things That Keep The First Time Home Buyer In-The-Know

To celebrate National Prepare to Buy a Home Month, The Mortgage Bus is pleased to provide home buyers with some improtant tips.

Raleigh, NC, April 20, 2006 --( To celebrate National Prepare to Buy a Home Month, The Mortgage Bus is pleased to provide home buyers with some improtant tips.

1. Know who you are working with. Develop a relationship with your realtor. Make sure he or she is willing to educate you about what is available in the market, knows the area well and can spend time helping you find the house of your dreams.

2. Work with an experienced mortgage broker or banker. Even though it might seem like you’re making another expenditure here, a credible broker will be able to help find the right payment, identify the best financing options and overcome any credit challenges you might have.

3. Talk to your realtor and mortgage broker before you start house hunting. Take any necessary steps to be pre-qualified for a loan. Knowing what you can comfortably afford will save you a lot of financial and emotional stress in the future.

4. Know exactly what you are looking for in a home. Consider size, bathrooms, location and school systems, as well as homeowner’s association guidelines and what the demographics of the neighborhood are.

5. Get the house inspected by a reputable inspection company. An inspection is extremely important because it will make you aware of any issues the house currently has or might be prone to developing in the future. Keep unwanted, and often costly, surprises at bay. Your realtor should be able to recommend several inspection companies to you.


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