Personal Job Security Score Predicts How Secure Any Job is

Scorelogix, the leader in consumer income risk scoring for banks and lenders, has rolled out its next generation personal Job Security Score ™ to help individuals understand their unemployment risk and make better career and financial plans.

New Castle, DE, June 08, 2008 --( Scorelogix, a Delaware based risk analytics company, has launched its next generation Job Security Score in response to a growing need among individuals to know how secure their job is. Job Security Score, or JSS, predicts an individual’s job and income loss risk using a patent-pending statistical model.

By making personal JSS available through the internet, Scorelogix intends to bring the power of its award-winning, patent pending computer model into the hands of every individual in the American workforce. The score tells an individual how likely they are to have their job available to them over the next twelve months, and it also computes their ranking relative to the rest of the US workforce.

“The average person in the US workforce is now only a click away from knowing how secure his or her job really is”, according to David Watral, Ph.D., Director of Business Development at Scorelogix . “For most of us, financial security depends on job security. In these uncertain times, people need this kind of information” says Dr. Watral.

The company noted that the JSS does not predict whether an individual will lose their job due to personal incompetence or other factors, which only account for a small percentage of all job losses. The biggest driver of job losses is the economy. A slow-down or recession impacts different people in the workforce in different ways and some jobs at a higher risk than others.

Scorelogix’s Job Security Score captures the disparate impact economy has on jobs and their security prospects, and it predicts which jobs are the most vulnerable over the course of a twelve month period and which are more secure.

Job Security Score is based on a rigorous analysis of hundreds of variables tracked by Scorelogix which impact the job market on a day to day basis. By using a sophisticated risk model and focusing on factors which have the biggest impact on jobs, the Scorelogix JSS is able to make job security predictions that are 85% accurate. Individuals can find their free personal Job Security Score at

For more information contact:
David Watral, Ph.D, Director of Business Development, (302-328-1210)
Shinita Freeman, Media Relations Executive, (302-328-1210)

Shinita Freeman