Inventor of the Easyboot Dies at 83

Neel Glass, Ph.D. was a nuclear physicist who invented a horseshoe replacement, the Easyboot. It has helped thousands of horses worldwide that have hoof problems.

Tucson, AZ, June 08, 2008 --( Neel Glass, Ph.D, the inventor of the Easyboot who started Les-Kare (now EasyCare, Inc.) passed away April 27th at the age of 83.

Dr. Glass was a scientist, barefoot advocate and entrepreneur. He was an avid horseman whose many accomplishments include finishing the 1900- mile Pony Express Race in 1979 (all competitors wore his invention), numerous endurance ride completions, and the founding of Les-Kare, Inc. (now EasyCare Inc). Dr. Glass questioned the use of metal on hooves after studying the mechanics and physics of the hoof. When corrective shoeing failed to give relief to his daughter’s navicular horse he became motivated to invent a shoeing alternative, and the Easyboot was born. Over 30 years later his invention has evolved into the leading alternative to traditional metal horse shoes. The Easyboot has become a key component in the fast-growing natural hoof care movement, and ultimately helps our beloved equine friends the world over live healthier, happier lives. In addition to his impressive achievements in the equine field, Dr. Glass made noteworthy contributions to the scientific world. He was a nuclear physicist who spent his career at Los Alamos Laboratories in New Mexico. He was a lead designer for nuclear testing and originated techniques now in widespread use for nuclear calculations. He was twice honored with the Department of Energy Award of Excellence and was recognized as a Laboratory Fellow in 1986.

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EasyCare, Inc. has been a leader in the hoof boot industry for years, beginning with the invention of the Easyboot back in the early 70’s. Since then, the need for boots has grown tremendously as more and more horse owners see the healthy advantages of pulling shoes and switching to natural hoof care. EasyCare is excited about being part of this growing trend. For more information about hoof boots or natural hoof care please call EasyCare, Inc. at 1-800-447-8836, e-mail: or visit our website at

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