South Florida Company Assists Employees with Soaring Gasoline Prices

STS Telecom offers gasoline rebate benefits to employees.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, June 11, 2008 --( In a time when employers are laying off employees amid a housing crunch and a recession, a Cooper City company has found a way to assist employees by relieving the gasoline price burden. Telecommunications company STS Telecom has recently implemented a new employee perk that rolls back gasoline prices by two years.

Since 2006, the average cost per gallon of gas has risen from approximately $2.00 to $4.00 per gallon. Through this new employee benefit effective June 1, 2008, STS Telecom will reimburse employees the $2.00 difference
per gallon increase for the miles driven on their daily commute to work each day. Miles driven to and from work will be computed and the prorated amount will be included in every paycheck.

Initiated by STS Telecom’s CEO Mark Amarant, the plan was designed to assist those employees who have helped the company grow into a $22 million dollar a year business.

"Our employees have come through for us and in these challenging financial times, we needed to come through for them,” said Amarant.

Letters were sent out to full-time employees, thanking them for their contributions and loyalty and informing them of the gasoline rebate.

“Today, we are all faced with higher costs everywhere we turn…in the grocery store and in the goods and services we use and purchase. The driving force behind all of these increases is the rising price of oil…every time we fill our gas tank, we all feel the pain at the pump. STS Telecom is also affected by these very same increases, and in a time when most companies are cutting costs and reducing expenses, STS has decided to increase many employee benefits,” the memo read.

STS’s Provisioning Manager Ron Curry was shocked and pleasantly surprised by the new benefit. Curry, who drives from Hollywood to Cooper City each day, spends approximately $40 a week on gasoline. “This will help me so much,” said Curry. “During these hard times, this news felt like it was Christmas in June!”

An STS employee for six years, Curry was already dedicated to his employer, but now his loyalty is even stronger. “At so many places the boss does not care. These guys treat everyone like family and this just reinforces my commitment to the company,” said a grateful Curry. “I’m here to stay.”

Repair Supervisor Raffaella Walker was also thrilled with the new policy. “It feels wonderful to work for a company that cares about the employees,” said Walker. “It’s great for morale. The economy is so bad and this makes me appreciate my employer even more.” Walker commutes from Deerfield Beach every day and spends $60 on gasoline every four days. “This will put money back in my pocket. It’s fantastic!”

In addition to the gasoline rebate, STS Telecom has recently added life insurance plans at no cost to employees, a wider selection of health insurance plans to choose from, and tuition reimbursement for job-related courses. And in an effort to encourage employees to go green, STS will also contribute funds towards the down payment of any lease or purchase of a new model hybrid car.

“STS has decided to buck the trend and to add benefits while other companies are doing the exact opposite,” said Amarant. “We hope to serve as a role model for other businesses in our community.”

About STS Telecom:

Established in 1994 as a Florida-based long distance provider, STS Telecom is a nationwide VoIP service provider. Through relationships with Cisco Systems and Level 3, and capitalizing on cutting edge industry leading hosted IP solutions, STS Telecom provides a full array of software based communications products and services including voice over IP applications, local phone service, long distance service, and VoIP phone Systems. For additional information about STS Telecom, visit

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