MoveStrong X Quest Swimming

Quest Swimming Will Launch the First MoveStrong Grant Sponsored Training Site

Chattanooga, TN, August 21, 2023 --( Quest Swimming is a year-round competitive swimming program in Virginia that teaches the art of swimming and perfecting the game of race. An open piece of land and the vision of fun workouts for athletes to maximize their performance were the starting point of a partnership with MoveStrong.

Chad Onken, CEO & Co-Owner has been a big MoveStrong fan for years and decided to apply for the sponsorship program to add a functional fitness site to the new Quest strength and conditioning center.

Participants of the MoveStrong Grant can choose between three layouts that combine a complete functional fitness zone with MoveStrong’s new traveling ring structure. “The layout we selected fits the space that we have perfectly. It’s big enough for our large team, but small enough where we will continue to teach athletes the proper technique to get stronger and faster and avoid injury,” states Chad.

With a broad range of ages, goals, and abilities among the swimmers, Quest was looking for a training site allowing for a large variety of scaleable exercises and activities. MoveStrong’s traveling rings are a fun and effective exercise to include in any workout, while the functional fitness zone includes a sled, agility ladder and dots, tire flip station, battle rope, fitness rings, plyo steps, elite bars, push up, pull up and ladder bars and an elevated trainer to improve strength, endurance, agility, and balance, benefitting other sports performances and everyday movements.

“The MoveStrong complex will be used by all members of the Quest Swimming family, from our youngest swimmers to our older and more experienced swimmers – everyone will benefit from this amazing project. We are excited to develop strength, power, athleticism, and coordination outside of the pool and transfer it to our athletes that are looking to drop time and break records in the pool! We can’t wait to have this amazing addition complete on our campus.” adds Chad.

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