Who Wants to be a Teacher?

Cardiff, United Kingdom, June 12, 2008 --(PR.com)-- EFL teacher Daniela Pesconi has launched a new blog on EFL teaching. As globalization is taking over, more and more people are going for an English course. That demands really well qualified EFL teachers.

Being a good EFL teacher is not easy. Schools ~ and students ~ are very demanding and training is hard and a lifelong investment. EFL teachers have to be enthusiastic, love it passionately and dedicate yourself full time; in the classroom and out of it.

In “Who wants to be a teacher?” , teachers will find some articles based on a teacher’s 12-year experience as an English teacher in language institutes, regular schools and higher education. Some other articles on relevant information for new teachers ~ these adventurous professionals ~ who want to improve their skills or even find jobs anywhere in the world have also been selected.

The newly launched “Who wants to be a teacher?” blog provides important information and help these loving professionals with tips, motivation and a bit of humour, so they can do their best in their career.

To learn more ~ and have some fun with us ~, please visit the website:

Who wants to be a teacher?
Daniela Pesconi