Awards are Abundant at ActionCOACH Dinner

Rothman selected for ActionMAN honor at the North American Conference held in Las Vegas recently.

Las Vegas, NV, June 11, 2008 --( At its annual North American Conference, held recently in Las Vegas, Nevada, ActionCOACH recognized its highest performers. At the ceremony, Len Rothman was chosen to receive the ActionMAN Award for Abundance.

Rothman delivers ActionCOACH’s proven business solution to clients in Georgia from offices in the Atlanta area. His client list includes several of the area’s largest corporations, including HCA, Goodwill, and Global Payments, and smaller companies seeking to become the next large corporation.

“ActionCOACH Business Coaches are abundant people. They believe that they deserve abundance and easily give and receive abundance,” Sugars said. “Len has been a role model in his five years as an ActionCOACH for his attitude, enthusiasm and teamwork.”

Rothman brought a 22-year senior management career in sales, operations, technical support, and marketing to his ActionCOACH business. His experience at major corporations, such as IBM, has allowed Rothman to expand the ActionCOACH client profile to include Tier One companies, which have benefitted from his consultations with bottom line increases, organizational restructuring and crucial leadership and executive development.

Rothman accepted his ActionMAN award with praise for the firm’s business philosophy.

“I investigated ActionCOACH looking for a change in the second half of my career and found the job I was always meant to have,” he said. “Brad taught me that one’s business should support one’s lifestyle goals; the business shouldn’t be one’s lifestyle. Working as an ActionCOACH provides me with an abundant life. Sharing that abundance with my team members and clients is the icing on my cake!”

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