BizSummits Connects Chief Financial Officers and Executives Through Virtual Teleconferencing

BizSummits enables financial executives to learn and grow from one another through CFO summit, a monthly, virtual teleconferencing forum.

Atlanta, GA, June 11, 2008 --( BizSummits, an association created solely to gather the world’s top leaders together to exchange ideas and best practices, recently launched its new division, CFO Summit, specifically designed for chief financial officers and executives. CFO Summit connects members through virtual teleconferencing.
Through these monthly conference calls, members examine successful ideas and strategies with peers on a national level. Being ‘in the room’ with a network it may have taken years to foster, members have the advantage of staying on the cutting edge of their field.

“It is a very effective way to obtain continuing education in a time efficient and cost effective manner,” praises Duane Prentice, Schefenacker USA.

Working with top-tier executives from companies such as Cisco Dell Inc., Ernst & Young, FASB, Gartner, Goodwin Proctor, Intuit, iRobot, Lehman Brothers and Microsoft, to name a few, CFO Summit is hooked in with the best and the brightest in the financial world.

Elite executives share ideas, debate current trends and solve issues through these monthly meetings. Plus, once the introduction has been made, CFO Summit encourages future interaction through site visits between individual members.

CFO Summit also offers additional learning opportunities, such as the ability to download past presentations, as well as take part in complimentary trainings. For those in major cities, members can create personal connections with each other through annual face to face summits.

Rachael Gatzman
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