Official Launch: Unique Bookmark Recommendation Service for Users

Norrkoping, Sweden, June 13, 2008 --( Bookmarks inSuggest is now launched. It is a service that gives recommendations to users of bookmark services, based on personal taste. This improves the user experience on the Internet, by giving suggestions that the users did not know they were looking for.

If a user of the bookmark service enter his/her username on, the user will immediately get personal recommendations of web sites that the user might like. A special feature is the tag filter functionality. Altogether, this gives added value in a way that no other web services today can provide.

“Personal recommendations will be a more important way of consuming content on the web, when the amount of online content is growing”, says Dennis Gustafsson, founder of inSuggest.

The first two services from inSuggest, for images and web sites, were developed for the general public on Internet. Bookmarks inSuggest is a more specialized service for people who keep their bookmarks online. inSuggest will analyze the user's bookmarks and provide instant personalized recommendations.

For those who don’t use web based bookmark services, there is a possibility to use a randomized username, in order to see how the technology works.

At the same time as the launch of Bookmarks inSuggest, a new user interface is launched, which is even more intuitive and user-friendly.

You can find the new service at inSuggest’s start page:

For more information, contact inSuggest by e-mail: or phone: +46-317-809-598

Dennis Gustafsson (CEO)