New UK Interactive Fun Website Launches

A new interactive website has just come online which allows visitors to “scrawl” a cyber wall with their own virtual graffiti whenever they want.

San Francisco, CA, April 10, 2006 --( Maggie Whelan was starting to get bored with her daily commute by train up to the middle of London every day, followed by the same thing in reverse every evening. Hour after hour of stopping and starting, or as was more usually the case, just simply stopping, and then going precisely nowhere. Many other passengers seemed to feel the same way.

On one of the few days when she managed to get a seat, Maggie noticed that the local graffiti artists seemed to be particularly attracted to walls and bridges and other trackside furniture, knowing that if they performed their art in these locations, then they could be sure that the otherwise bored commuters would be bound to see their handywork, and read their comments and slogans as they were slowly carried past it, or as was more often than not the case, compulsorily parked in front of it. A daily captive audience, but unfortunately one sided!

A phenomenal number of people enter London and most capital cities by train every day, and they would, be exposed to such graffiti several times a week. A simple but effective medium existed therefore for the graffiti artist to utilise.

What if this could be turned into harmless fun and be made to relieve the boredom of the daily commute or office free time, and not only that, but be extended and available to everyone every day, anywhere in the world, whenever they were bored, needed a bit of company, wanted to be entertained, or would just like to get something off their chest without being arrested for criminal damage or speaking their mind.

Suddenly Scrawl The Wall was born.

Maggie told her husband who, as a result, designed an interactive website which allows members to figuratively “spray” their comments on a cyber wall as many times as they wish, and upon any subject whatsoever, twenty four hours a day every day. The content therefore constantly changes and evolves minute by minute, so that each time you look at “The Wall” there is something different to see. As the wall fills up with “scrawls” older contributions became archived, but remain available for retrieval at any time.

Absolutely fascinating and addictive.

As it says on the site, is a virtual graffiti site where you can sound off about almost anything you wish.

Quote :-

“What happened to you today? Start threads, add to threads, make comments, discuss, chat, gossip, laugh, joke argue, advertise your website or business, moan, groan, start some word association, or add your favourite slogan, pubs, restaurants, or bars, but most of all, just enjoy being here and coming back time and time again to see how what you and others have said, or has been developed or even ignored!! Relieve the boredom of your office or daily commute. Try to resist coming back here!! Let's face it, it's down right addictive”.

End Quote.

It’s free to join.

If you just want to visit Scrawl The Wall and enjoy seeing the latest contributions each time you go, then it’s totally free. Be careful though, as you will soon become hooked.

If on the other hand you wish to have limitless “scrawls” of up to 100 words each for a whole year, then it costs just £5 to become a member. This seems like a good bet, as for just a fiver you are up and running for the year, and also as a member, you get to make private “scrawls” to other members as well. Nice one. Who knows, they might be on the same train or even in the same carriage as you!

Members are able to access Scrawl The Wall in order to “spray something” from either their home or office PC any time of the day or night, or the site can be accessed from a PDA such as PalmPilot or Pocket PC using a suitable download service. Then you really can scrawl on the train!

This inovative, fascinating and easy to navigate site will surely become a worldwide hit, and a ‘must be part of’ internet site. It is well worth a visit.

Scrawl The Wall Dot Com
Margaret Martin-Whelan
(+44) 0208 319 4598