Extremen Premium Beverage: Using Maca and Ginseng to Create a Different Kind of Energy Drink

By using a combination of both maca and ginseng, Extremen Premium Beverage has become a new kind of natural health drink.

Springfield, MO, June 14, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Over the past few months, consumers worldwide have started reach for a new kind of energy drink. By using a combination of both maca and ginseng, the people behind ENC Worldwide Marketing have come with a natural health drink that’s not only effective, but satisfying as well.

While almost everyone has heard of ginseng, maca is a little less known. The small radish-like plant, which grows in upper regions of the Peruvian mountains, has been found to increase energy, libido, sexual function and stamina. Maca has been approved by both the Ministry of Health and the FDA, which makes maca perfect for use in health and energy drinks.

“Our sales have really started to take off,” says Marketing Director, Richard Yew. “In fact, we’re in the process of looking for new sales agents from all around the world to partner with us.”

Extremen Premium Beverage has obtained HALAL Certifications, ISO 9001:2000 and BS EN ISO 9001:2000 for High Quality Management, as well as product liability by the Allianz Insurance Company.

To learn more about ENC Worldwide Marketing’s Extremen Premium Beverage distribution service and programs, please visit: http://www.extremen.com.my

Richard Yew