Celebrates 6 Month Anniversary provides the latest in web technologies creating a social networking, news portal, alerting system and more for the financial services industry. Utilizing web 2.0 technologies, Bankwide is able to allow users to create professional profiles, connect with industry peers and experts to collectively solve common problems.

Brentwood, TN, June 14, 2008 --( "We are extremely pleased with our reception by banks and credit unions, consultants and vendors. By positioning ourselves non-competitively, Bankwide is able to allow our users to share products, articles, ideas and solutions in an amiable environment." states Aiden Michaels, Director of Web Development.

"Todays web is a read-write relationship, by allowing our users to control the information and overall concept of the website is extremely exciting and challenging. Our users are able to submit articles ranging from marketing strategies to security policies, discuss topics in forums and groups and invite peers to participate. has certainly taken on a life of its own, growing organically, changing directions and providing unusual opportunities."

"A private collective cannot provide such expedient information. By tapping into the collective intelligence of a group, we provide articles and resources that are timely and advantageous. Bankwide is able to react quickly to emerging trends, and rapidly disseminate that information to our users, which is exceptionally useful, especially during the prevailing economic climate."

"Bankwide provides this information at no cost to individuals, our site is sponsored by vendors and consultants who desire a true partnership with banks and credit unions. Bankwide provides both a platform to share their products and expertise, as well as focused advertising opportunities. We believe this is the very definition of a mutually beneficial relationship."

"Two critical factors for bank survival is understanding market trends and technology initiatives. The technology adoption cycle in banking is growing ever smaller, and the market is a roller coaster ride at best. Banks need to work together as never before just to survive, Bankwide fosters this communication."

"Finally, Bankwide isn't just for executives and management. We openly invite anyone with an interest in banking from teller to operations, consultants to regulators. Together, the banking industry is stronger and more adapt for change, and change is definitely on the horizon."

Aiden Michaels