Survey Shows Hotel Guests Want Wi-Fi Services in Their Rooms

71% of Hotel Guests Say Having Wi-Fi in Their Room Influences Where They Stay.

Clearwater, FL, June 15, 2008 --( Hotel Internet Services (, has conducted a survey of over 1,400 people who were guests in a hotel recently and who had used Internet services at the hotel during their stay. The survey showed a very strong need for in-room Wi-Fi services, and its availability affects this group’s decision on where they choose to stay when they travel.

When asked how important it was for them to have guest room Internet services at the hotel where they stay, 92% said it was very important, and 8% said it was somewhat important. When asked if having guest room Internet services available influences their decision to stay at a particular hotel, 71% said very much so, and 25% said somewhat so. When asked if they prefer Wi-Fi or wired connectivity, 69% said they preferred Wi-Fi, 10% prefer a wired connection, and 21% have no preference. When asked what problems they had encountered in the past with guest room Internet services, 77% said poor signal coverage, 33% said the Internet was down, 29% said access points were down, and 20% did not have a patch cable to plug the laptop into the wall and 17% said that the hotel did not provide call center support to help them get online.

Gary Patrick, CEO of Hotel Internet Services, stated “So what does the survey tell us? For hotel administrators and IT staff, it tells us that a large percentage of travelers who bring a laptop with them on their trip, require Wi-Fi in their room, and having this capability will influence their decision on where to stay. A smaller percentage prefers a wired connection. The Wi-Fi has to have good signal coverage, as this was the number one complaint about the services they had used in the past.

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