New Book from CassBeth "Sustainable Development Possible with Creative System Engineering"

Cherry Hill, NJ, June 17, 2008 --( Could it be that a reasonable approach to deal with Global Warming is offered in a new book "Sustainable Development Possible with Creative System Engineering"?

Our Science, Innovation, Technology, Engineering and Art are breaking down just when we need it to ramp up. Few realize that sustainable development has always been part of human development and that it was these elements and how effectively they worked which allowed for our life on earth. If we fall down in these areas our only alternatives are war, revolution, and genocide as famine and want grip a naturally increasing human population.

This little book is a call back to the fundamentals of Science and Art to solve our most complex of problems. Today, our organizations are sick and not capable of the challenges that must be addressed in our rapidly approaching future. It raises some difficult questions and proposes a surprising solution from our recent past.

This book is for everyone everywhere as we all engage in trying to build everything - from software to cities.

About the Author:
Walt has held various government, defense, and commercial high technology positions in the past 30 years while working on systems with price tags ranging from billions to several hundred thousand dollars. He has published and presented at several technical conferences on subjects of system engineering, computer architectures, software, process, and engineering. Starting from New Jersey, going to California, then Florida, and returning back to New Jersey Walt has a very broad and deep understanding of the state of engineering and technology in the United States. He has taken this experience and digested it into his new book "Sustainable Development Possible with Creative System Engineering" in hopes of providing an effective road map for people engaged in building everything in the next 100 years.

About CassBeth:
Cassbeth is the publisher of "Sustainable Development Possible with Creative System Engineering".

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ISBN: 978-0-6152-1630-0 (paperback) (kindle)

Published by CassBeth

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