Sustainability Summit ‘09 - Call for Session Abstracts

First enterprise-oriented conference to focus on, and demonstrate first-hand, real sustainability solutions, enabled by Telepresence.

Steamboat Springs, CO, June 18, 2008 --( Sustainability Summit ‘09 conference and exhibition showcase will bring together corporate visionaries, policy makers, environmental advocacy groups and leading experts to discuss financially viable practices and strategies that address and mitigate corporate impact on the long-term health of the earth. A significant aspect of this leading-edge conference, which will be held May 27 – 28, 2009, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California (in the heart of Silicon Valley), will be its use of telepresence technology to facilitate interaction and participation between live presenters and delegates from around the globe. As a result, Sustainability Summit ’09 will have access to a world-class, diverse consortium of participants who will be able to share innovations and solutions with conference delegates in an effort to bring about real change within the global economic community. Attendees will gain insight into the challenges facing corporations in this era of global change, hear from top innovators who have already made a difference, understand the tremendous growth potential in the sustainability marketplace, and learn how to align their businesses to take advantage of this growing trend toward eco-responsibility and clean technology.

The organizers, Hemisphere Expo Services, invite industry leaders, researchers, engineers, scientists, architects, economists, consultants, and policy-makers to participate in this exciting event. Sustainability Summit ‘09 will include keynotes, plenary sessions, roundtables and panel discussions and will comprise four tracks:

Carbon Reduction: trading and offsetting strategies, efficiencies, alternate energy resources, and behavioral modification

Infrastructure and Real Estate: Smart, green, sustainable and capacity building, enterprise planning, recycling, and supply-chain management

Transportation: Alternative fuels, travel reduction strategies, intermodal transport, mechanical efficiencies, and sustainable value chains

Information Technology: Collaborative technologies, virtualization of resources, Eco-Patent Commons, energy efficiency equipment and strategies, and telecommuting paradigms

Corporate, academic, nonprofit, and political entities and organizations are encouraged to share and present new ideas, technologies, strategies, practical outcomes, research and case studies in line with conference themes by submitting session abstract proposals by August 15, 2008. Abstracts should contain topic ideas and suggested presenter(s) and should be emailed to or interested parties can fill out the “Presentation Opportunities” form at:

For more information on Sustainability Summit ‘09, including a sample agenda as well as available sponsor and exhibitor opportunities, please see the Conference website:

Sustainability Summit ‘09 will be a telepresence-enabled and carbon-efficient event. Current sponsors of the event include the Interactive Multimedia Collaborative Communications Alliance (IMCCA), Terrapass, Masergy and For more details on how you can get involved, as well as information on available sponsorship levels and exhibitor opportunities, please contact them at

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