DNA Diagnostics Center Announces Success of “Father’s Day for All Fathers” Campaign: Debts Relieved and Questions Answered

Cincinnati, OH, June 18, 2008 --(PR.com)-- For the fourth year in a row, DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) celebrated Father’s Day by surprising several fathers around the U.S. with two pieces of life-changing news: First, that their DNA testing fee debts had been paid off in full, and second, that their long-awaited DNA test results would be released to them within the next few days.

The men who benefited from DDC’s “Father’s Day for All Fathers” campaign this year were chosen based on their family circumstance, financial situation and other factors that the DDC ’s client care team evaluated. DDC selected clients who already had initiated DNA paternity tests but had not yet paid the balance of the testing fee, and therefore, could not receive their results.

”We help people find answers every day, but the week approaching Father’s Day is special for us,” DDC Spokesperson Jim Hanigan said. “The men we helped this year are ordinary people with extraordinary situations. It is very rewarding for us to be able to help them in this way.”

Joe Leach, a Florence, Ky., man, had waited four years to know whether or not his daughter was his. When he was told that DDC had paid his balance off in full, “I felt like I won the lottery, and I never win anything,” Leach said.

Moments after opening and reading the DNA results that proved that his daughter Erica was in fact his biological daughter, Leach said, shaking, “I’ve got 100 percent peace of mind with this now, now that I have this truth. You can’t deny it.”

Another man who received DDC’s Father’s Day gift, Michael Skipwith of Mountain View, Calif., says he received not only a zero account balance and a positive DNA test report, but consequently the chance at a new life for his long-lost daughter Michelle. He fathered Michelle in 1992 while stationed at Subic Naval Base in the Philippines, but after being transferred to another base, never heard from her mother again. He spent ten years searching for his daughter, and has spent another five years petitioning American Citizen Services for her citizenship.

“I’ve spent a lot of money in the past five years, thousands of dollars I just didn’t have,” Skipwith says. “I wasn’t able to pay for the test all at once. Last week, the U.S. Embassy said if we didn’t have the results by the 12th of June, we would have to reapply. Then Jason [from DDC] calls, and he just wanted to forgive the whole balance. He was the greatest luck we’ve had, because all they [American Citizen Services] were waiting on was the DNA. Now they are ready to issue her the Passport, and she can apply for citizenship.”

A third man, Jeffrey “Shawn” Dutto from Ringgold, Ga., said that being a single father is hard enough—he works the night shift just to pay for his four-year-old son Rhett’s daycare— and so the DNA test caused an additional financial burden for him, but he felt it was necessary because of the circumstances surrounding his divorce. Now that he has proof that he is indeed Rhett’s biological father, he feels more secure of his legal rights to his son in case his ex-wife ever changed her mind about the custody arrangement they agreed upon. Having the entire balance on his case’s account paid to zero “feels great,” Dutto said.

However, Dutto said that being a Dad is about more than the results of a DNA test. While he was hoping for this outcome, he said he would have considered Rhett to still be his son no matter what. “I didn’t want to go the rest of my life and not know,” he said. “I mean, who else would he have had to be his Daddy?”

DDC performs 70,000 DNA tests annually. These three men are examples of how DNA testing truly changes lives.

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