Revolutionising the UK Manufacturing and Engineering Industry: Part-Time Data Science Bootcamps Unlock the Power of Innovation

The Developer Academy is offering two new Data Science training courses for Manufacturing and Engineering businesses to up skill their employees. These Part-time Bootcamps help bring key data science skills into UK-based manufacturing businesses looking for more efficiency and growth.

Revolutionising the UK Manufacturing and Engineering Industry: Part-Time Data Science Bootcamps Unlock the Power of Innovation
Sheffield, United Kingdom, March 18, 2024 --( The Developer Academy is moving forward with its "Data Science for Industry" training bootcamps for the UK manufacturing and engineering industry. Having secured funding to help bring this initiative at a discounted rate for businesses who qualify.

These bootcamps are designed for employees of Manufacturers and Engineering companies, to develop hands-on Data Science skills within the business.

This funded training offers employees the chance to learn key skills that will help unlock the impact of Data Science in their day-to-day roles.

"Our data science bootcamps serve as a catalyst for manufacturing businesses seeking to transform their operations," said Ben Atha, Founder and CEO of The Developer Academy.

"By enabling employees to analyse data effectively, and derive actionable insights, we empower them to optimise processes. Identifying cost-saving opportunities, streamlining supply chains, and making better-informed decisions for their employers. The potential impact on manufacturing businesses is tremendous."

There are two courses being created to help the industry. And depending on the business need either, or both, can be applied for.

The first course deals with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and the second course covers Deep Learning and Foundation Models (DLFM).

Key Details:

• Funded training is open to manufacturing businesses with less than 215 staff

• Funding means that each course costs are only £300 per-person

• Courses are part-time (1-2 days per week) to fit around the employee’s roles

• Remote training is delivered using a hands-on approach to tutoring, and with a commitment to fostering a collaborative learning environment

• The first two Bootcamp training courses start May 11, 2024.

To find out more about the requirements for manufacturers and employees, and what this training covers, visit the website at:

About The Developer Academy:
The Developer Academy bootcamps have already gained recognition for their cutting-edge curriculum in Data Science, Software Development and Games Development for individuals looking to re-train and enter the development sector. This new initiative is designed to support employee skill development in these sectors.
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