C. S. Lewis Event to Explore Faith, the Meaning of Life, and Narnia

The C. S. Lewis Foundation holds a two-week conference in Oxford and Cambridge, England June28-- August 8, exploring the meaning of life and insights from Lewis' works.

Redlands, CA, June 18, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts Dana Gioia says, “I’ve never encountered anything quite like it.” Evangelist Chuck Colson declares, “We explore the ways in which Christianity affects all of life; I think it is a great conference.”

Both express the thoughts of thousands of past participants of the C. S. Lewis Oxbridge Summer Institute, a triennial gathering of scholars, artists, clergy, students, and Lewis enthusiasts organized by the C. S. Lewis Foundation.
Oxbridge 2008 will feature presentations by leading scholars addressing topics from the Arts to the Sciences, and from Philosophy to Literature. Included are performances of music, poetry, theatre and dance.

Not only for C.S. Lewis scholars and fans, “Oxbridge 2008: The Self and the Search for Meaning,” is a place for all who are interested in exploring the meaning of life.

The conference will take place from 28 July — 8 August, with time divided equally between Oxford and Cambridge. Registrants may participate in either the full two week conference or the Oxford or Cambridge week only.

Of special interest is The Kilns, the Oxford house in which C.S. Lewis lived when he wrote his world famous Chronicles of Narnia. Participants of Oxbridge 2008 will have an opportunity to tour the home, which has been carefully restored by the Foundation and is now a Christian study centre.

The Kilns will be a 2008 recipient of the City of Oxford’s Blue Plaque Award, designating the site as an historical landmark and commemorating the contribution of C.S. Lewis to literature and Christian thought.

Pastor and author of The Purpose Driven Life Rick Warren says of Oxbridge, “If you want something that will enrich your life, that will take you deeper, that will help you love God with all your mind, I don’t know that I can recommend anything more highly.”

For full information and booking details, visit www.cslewis.org or call (909)793-0949.

About the C. S. Lewis Foundation:
Founded in 1986 by Christian scholars inspired by the life and legacy of British author and scholar C. S. Lewis, the C. S. Lewis Foundation is dedicated to advancing the renewal of Christian scholarship and artistic expression throughout the mainstream world of learning and the culture at large.

Media Information:
Dr. Stan Mattson, Founder and President of the C. S. Lewis Foundation, is available for interviews.

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